Postpartum Family Support

My forte lies in being a postpartum doula. I have always been domestically inclined; I clean, cook, organize, and care for kids and babies with ease and enjoyment. I am not daunted by the clutter and disarray that daily life presents. When there is a newborn added to a family environment, both parents can quickly become overwhelmed. Mom is tired and focused on both the baby and healing herself. Dad or partner may be unsure of how to help, yet longing to be included.

My job as a postpartum doula is to take care of mama. I will make sure she gets enough rest, fluid, and food. If I have to pace the floor with a fussy baby while she naps, that’s just fine. I will probably put laundry in and start dinner while she sleeps. I will entertain the two year old. I will walk the dog. I can help 'run interference' between your household and visitors  who want to help, but aren't sure what is needed or how much rest and quiet time is needed by your new family. I will do whatever it takes to make you feel that you have and deserve time to rest and bond with your baby, and that your ‘life’ will be under control while you do so. 

After basic support, my other primary goal is education and reassurance. I want to share what I've learned with you so that you feel confident in your parenting abilities. I want you to learn to trust your own instincts. When you feel like you have 'got this', and you don't need me anymore, then I have done my job. 

I am also available to do overnight shifts, to allow your household some much needed rest. I can either bring baby to you for breastfeeding, as needed, or bottle feed the baby to allow you total relaxation. 

Fees: (As of February 1, 2020)

$35 per hour for daytime hours (8am-7pm) 4 hour minimum shift

$40 per hour for nighttime hours (7pm-8am) 8 hour minimum shift

Twins or Multiples

$40 per hour for daytime hours (8am-7pm) 4 hour minimum shift

$45 per hour for nighttime hours (7pm-8am) 8 hour minimum shift

An invoice will be submitted to you weekly, and payment is due upon receipt. I can accept cash, check, Paypal, or Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App payments. Please make checks payable to Carlyle Johnson Lee.  Schedule and tasks to be performed will be discussed and written into contract before the start of service. In order to reserve my services in advance of a baby's arrival, I ask that we sign an agreement for a minimum of 50 hours of postpartum support. (How these hours will be scheduled can be determined after baby is born, but we anticipate that they will be used within 90 days or so of the birth). A non refundable retainer of $875 (one half the cost of 50 hours of daytime care) will be collected when the agreement is signed. This retainer will be applied towards hours of service. Half will go towards  your first week of care, and the second half to your last. This retainer allows me to reserve time for you in my schedule. I can sometimes take last minute clients, without an advance reservation, but please understand that my availability will vary according to my current clients' needs.

Labor and Birthing Doula Support

I have trained through UC San Diego Health and have hands-on experience as a labor and birthing doula. I've been at the births of more than 110 babies, to date. I use encouragement, emotional support, massage, breathing and relaxation, aromatherapy, and more in order to help women through labor. I also help the birth partner in becoming a support and an ally during this time, as they are often overwhelmed by seeing their partners in pain, and don’t know how to help.

I help to educate, inform, reassure, and assist the birth partner, and I work in tandem with a mother’s medical team. I don’t replace either one. I am not advocating any particular childbirth method, pain prevention, or ‘birth plan’, except for that of the current family. I am here to help you do what you are doing in the manner that you want to do it. I am not a medical professional, and will not give you medical advice in any form. 


All inclusive cost: $1,100 (Will go up to $1,200 as of February 1, 2020. Agreements signed prior to that date will reflect the previous rate).

This includes a pre-birth consult, labor attendance from early labor through birth, and a follow up visit a week postpartum. Labor services will include whatever methods are deemed appropriate at the time. If you desire, I can help you to envision and create a Birth Plan, as well. One half of this fee is requested up front, as a retainer. The remainder is due one month prior to the estimated due date.

Sibling Doula Support

Are you looking for educated, compassionate, and heartfelt support for your older children during your upcoming birth? Let an experienced toddler and preschool teacher, (as well as birth doula), be there to help your entire family. I can be on call to come to your birth location, whether hospital, birth center, or home, to be there for your child. I'll meet with you and your family at least once before the birth to get to know your child, and then be on call for you when you go into labor. The bonus? If your sibling would rather spend time with their other parent at that moment, I can step in to provide doula support for your birth while your partner is with the child or children. 

I will come to you when labor is beginning to be active, and you feel your child/ren need support. I will stay until after the baby is born, and the whole family is settled into getting to know each other. We can discuss details and customization if further support is needed.

Fees:   Initially, there will be a $200 fee for up to 10 hours of support. After 10 hours, I'll ask for $30 per hour, up to a maximum cost of $650, regardless of the additional length of time until delivery. I ask for a non refundable deposit of $200, to be applied towards the total hours needed. 

Parenting Preparation and Environmental Design

Need help making room in your home for a new baby and all the paraphernalia that is involved? Not sure what to buy? Do you want to make better use of the space that you have available? I can help. My Montessori infant and toddler classrooms have been used as examples for new teachers. I have worked with new families to incorporate beauty, form, function, and appropriate child development needs into any space. My experience with newborns allows me to discern what are necessities and what are luxuries, as far as your nursery is concerned. Let’s make your home a warm, safe, beautiful, and welcoming space for your new baby.


Consultation, shopping, and hands on design, $35 per hour

Custom Packages, including all or the above or only select services, can be put together for you at a discounted rate. Contact me to discuss.