What is a postpartum doula?

Nurturing, Loving, Family Support for New Parents

Doulas have been around as long as women have been giving birth. Doulas will mother the mother; making sure that she has the emotional and physical support that she needs during and immediately after childbirth. Studies have shown that the mere physical presence of a doula during labor greatly decreases the mother’s odds of needing medical intervention – including pain medication, labor induction methods, and even Cesarean section – than those who labor without a doula present. Doulas help your partner to help you, offering tips on massage, aromatherapy, verbal encouragement, and different positions that help to facilitate labor and delivery.

With postpartum support, I want the family to be able to focus on the new baby. I will 'mother' the birth mama by making sure that she has healthy meals, enough fluid to establish good breastfeeding habits, and enough rest to facilitate her own healing. I will make sure that a family’s household runs smoothly, the laundry is done, the other children are fed and cared for, and that there is dinner on the table. I'm happy to snuggle with baby so that you can take a shower, catch a nap, or have a minute to yourself.

Because of my extensive experience with newborns, I also offer advice on best practices for feeding and sleep.I am not a medical person, and do not offer medical advice, but I can likely refer you to a qualified professional, if needed.  I want to help offer you peace of mind.

Contact me through this site, or at carlylejohnsonlee@gmail.com for further information on how I can help your family.