What is a doula?

Nurturing, Loving, Family Support for New Parents

Doulas have been around as long as women have been giving birth. Doulas will mother the mother; making sure that she has the emotional and physical support that she needs during and immediately after childbirth. Studies have shown that the mere physical presence of a doula during labor greatly decreases the mother’s odds of needing medical intervention – including pain medication, labor induction methods, and even Cesarean section – than those who labor without a doula present. Doulas help your partner to help you, offering tips on massage, aromatherapy, verbal encouragement, and different positions that help to encourage the mother.

After birth, I want the mother to be able to focus on her baby. I will 'mother' her by making sure that she has healthy meals, enough fluid to establish good breastfeeding habits, and enough rest to facilitate her own healing. I will make sure that a family’s household runs smoothly, the laundry is done, the other children are fed and cared for, and that there is dinner on the table.

Because of my extensive experience with newborns, I also offer breastfeeding support and advice, and can help with basic newborn care. I am not a medical professional, but I am a mother and a newborn specialist. I want to help offer you peace of mind.

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